Do you need social media content ideas? Struggling on what to post next? I feel your pain. Posting the same type of content is a sure-fire way to lose the attention of your audience. However, even seasoned marketers can find it difficult to keep up with the demand to post unique content every single day. This can help. The following list reveals 21 memorable social media content ideas that are sure to keep your audience engaged and you busy

1.  Attention Grabbing Quotes
You can never go wrong with inspiring, funny or motivational quotes.

2. Tag a Friend
Get followers involved by telling them to tag someone that shares similar interests with your business.

3. Behind the Scenes
People like to connect with real people. They like to know who’s behind the brand. Share your creation process, photo shoots, meetings, lunches or location.

4. Share Your Blog Posts
Blogs are great because they engage your audience and drive traffic to your website. The trick is to make your social media post intriguing enough to get your followers to click. Read how using people in your images can improve your clicks and conversions here.

5. Questions

Get your audience engaged by asking questions that relate to your business and their interests. People love to show off their brain-power.

6. Humor

Everyone loves a good laugh. Make your audience laugh, then watch the shares and likes come in.

7. Contests and Giveaways
No one hates free stuff. Contest and giveaways are an easy way to get your audience engaged. Key point is to create a contest that relates to your business too.

8. Reviews / Testimonials
Content with testimonials are a great way to begin to soft sell your business and begins to create trust with your audience. You can watch the full video below here.

9. Throwbacks
Take your audience back down memory lane. Remind people of something that happened at the beginning of your business, last year or even last month.

10. Case Studies

Demonstrate what results people can expect from using your products/services. You can even take it step further by encouraging your audience to ask questions. Check out the full case study below here.

11. Tips & Tricks
Show your audience a neat trick or tip that most people aren’t aware of. They’ll be thankful and usually share with others.

12. Breaking News
People love to be in the know first. Be the page they can rely on for major updates within your business, industry or area.

13. Celebrate National Holidays
The majority of people celebrate special holidays and it’s always great to celebrate with them.

14. Share (and ask for) Predictions

Get your audience engaged by asking predictions on games, industry trends, technology, and more!

15. Celebrate a Customer/Employee Accomplishments

Highlight your employees work related accomplishments or customers accomplishments with your products/services.

16. Company News (PR & Growth)
Highlight something that your business is currently doing in the community or the growth of your business. People love to hear success stories.

17. Upcoming Events
New company or community event coming up? Post it up! Your audience wants to know what you are doing.

18. Event Photos & Video

After you post your event, be sure to give a recap of what happened with photos or video!

19. Promote Your Business

Always great content for your business, but remember to not to overdo this one.

20. Infographics
For the millions of people everywhere that hates to read. Infographics are a quick way to receive important information without spending hours reading and people love them!

21. GIFs
GIFs (Graphics Interchange Formats) are an excellent engaging attention grabber. We’ve found GIFs to be shared more than JPEGs or other standard image formats.