Is social media management really useful?

Can’t anyone off the street work Facebook?

These are questions I hear a lot at BrainPath IT Solutions from friends, clients and co-workers alike. Sometimes they are accusatory questions, but mostly they’re ones of growth for our company; how do we set ourselves apart from the average person with an internet connection?

The answer comes down to a simple concept: Using versus utilizing your business’ social media.

I do believe that anyone off the street can post to Facebook, re-pin on Pinterest, and use 140 characters to express a sentiment on Twitter. However, this is simply using social media.

Utilizing your business’ social media is different in the following 3 ways:

Just posting to Facebook is useless if there is no plan or objective behind each post. It is true that the majority of your posts should be far from salesy, but this doesn’t mean you should just post at random. For our clients, at the beginning of management, we discuss a few specific goals based on their industry and particular business. We get a clear picture of their brand so that all content is adding to an overall image. Then each month we create a monthly posting strategy that helps toward their goals.

Content creation:
You can tell a page that is just using social media because they usually share a lot of content from other pages. While sharing can be a great way to connect with other pages (especially if you focus on b2b marketing) unique content creation is imperative to utilizing social media. The internet is littered with the same memes and cat videos. Creating new, unique and creative content is the only way to truly set your business apart from the competition.

Most social media platforms today have great analysis tools. Ignoring these is the quickest way for your business’ social media to fail. We make sure to keep an eye on our clients’ social media statistics to ensure that our strategies are working. If it looks like they aren’t, we reevaluate and create new strategies.

What do you think are the differences between using and utilizing social media? Share in comments and questions below!